Inhalation Manufacturing

world class expertise to scale your product from the clinic and into the marketplace

Catalent offers flexible manufacturing solutions at scales suitable to reliably supply pre-clinical evaluation studies through to clinical studies and into the marketplace.  Our inhalation-manufacturing operations have a track-record of regulatory excellence, and we routinely manufacture pMDIs, DPIs, and nasal formulations for clients around the globe.  

Our manufacturing operations include an assortment of automated and semi-automated equipment that supports formulation and filling into a variety of formats/devices (pMDIs, DPIs, nasal sprays, and nebules).  We are equipped to safely and effectively manufacture controlled substances and potent compounds, and our facility is equipped with ISO7-classified space and environmental controls to enable unit operations to be performed with appropriately controlled air and, when necessary, at select (e.g., low) humidity set-points.

To compliment our manufacturing operation, we utilize state-of-the-art process-analytical technologies to support process understanding and QbD filing strategies.  Utilizing our mature supply-chain, Catalent sources raw materials and components for use in production activities and support their release for use in manufacturing via its industry leading compendial testing services. 

Catalent Services

  • Pre-clinical, clinical, and commercial-scale manufacturing operations.
  • Automated and semi-automated filling operations for pMDI, DPI, solutions/suspensions for inhalation, and nasal products.
  • Low-humidity environment options to support moisture-sensitive materials.
  • Process-analytical technologies.
  • Supply-chain and project management services.


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