OptiPact™ Technology

Fast and scalable process for your orphan and accelerated drug development success

OptiPact™ can help meet your clinical development and commercial demands for your drug development program.  It is ideally suited to meet the demands of drugs with Orphan or Expedited Designations.  OptiPact technology integrates the best formulation, optimal development, analytical expertise, scale-up and manufacturing capabilities to help bring your oral solid to market faster.

Development and Analytical Services

Tailor your product to one of our multiple roller compactor technologies that fits your individual needs

Co-located development, clinical and commercial manufacturing.

Continuous process with robust scale up capabilities.

OptiPact™ Technology Benefits
  • Integrated development, analytical, clinical and commercial manufacturing
  • Dry process especially suited for use with moisture and heat sensitive APIs
  • Continuous process with straight forward robust scale-up
  • Flexible to accommodate a wide range of API characteristics
  • Precise to designate critical process parameters to support regulatory submission expectations
Roller Compaction Processing Advantages

Roller Compaction Processing Adv2


Catalent’s OptiPact™ technology at its 400,000+ sq ft facility in Kansas City has over 20 years of experience in roller compaction with multiple roller compactors available at the site. 

Deep Expertise

Catalent’s proven track record utilizing OptiPact™ technology has fast tracked two products to market over the past 18 months and multiple products in all phases of clinical supply.

  • 20 years of experience in roller compaction with multiple available roller compactors
  • 20+ years of industry experience in oral solid development
  • Solid  track record with successful commercial launches of multiple drug products having expedited regulatory designations
  • Exceptional science and technical support with a passion to solve development challenges
  • A culture of team work and innovation with a passion for meeting client expectations

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