ADCs & Cancer Immunotherapy Summit

Date: February 25 - 26, 2016

Location: Vienna, Austria

This innovative B2B event will enable the participants to learn about protein modeling development and engineering advances, preclinical and clinical improvements, current ADC linker chemistry- better linker design for future generations, improving preclinical and clinical translation and creating strong and scalable processes.

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Catalent Presentation

Date: Friday, February 26, 2016 
Time: 10:20 am

Title: "Site-Specific ADC Generation Using SMARTag™ Technology"

  • Enabling precise & programmable site-specific chemical protein modification against a number of different antigens/targets
  • Novel conjugation chemistry for ADCs with enhanced stability & increased DAR
  • Linker chemistry that optimizes the potency of the cytotoxic payload

Speaker: David Rabuka, Global Head of R&D, Chemical Biology Catalent Pharma Solutions


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