Webinar | Drug Manufacturing Solutions In A Complex Industry

Date: Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Time: 10:00 am ET | 7:00 am PT

Today’s pharmaceutical pipeline requires more flexibility in manufacturing than ever before. There is increasing demand for customized technical and business solutions, as blockbusters are replaced by more targeted treatments with unique program requirements. Industry consolidation also requires a strategic view, as competitive products are divested, and network rationalization leads to the need for alternative sources of supply. In addition with estimates of more than 50% of pipeline molecules requiring high potent handling and the importance of properly managing controlled substances, there is increased focus on special handling requirements. Fast, reliable product launches are critical, and a wide range of product and network strategies are needed to support demand for tailored manufacturing solutions. Finding a partner that has both the flexibility and expertise to meet your needs is key. 

Through expert content and case study examples, this webinar will focus on flexible manufacturing solutions to address the unique needs of today’s pharmaceutical pipelines, with an emphasis on successful technology transfer and tailored manufacturing services.

Speaker: Michael J. Valazza — Vice President of Global Business Development, Catalent Pharma Solutions

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